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dr gary shaw


March of Dimes

Gary Shaw at Stanford Prematurity Research Center

Does exposure to commercial pesticides increase the risk of spontaneous preterm birth? Dr. Gary Shaw is heading up the largest study ever on the topic to find out.

We’ve long known that pollutants in our air and water have a damaging effect on our health, particularly that of our children, both born and yet to be born. In fact, the link between birth defects and environmental contaminants is well documented, and a good bit of that work was pioneered by Dr. Gary Shaw, one of the world’s foremost epidemiologists focused on this area. Dr. Shaw is an expert at designing and fielding studies characterized by both their academic breadth and depth: large sample sizes based on specific populations, precise geo-targeting of the participants’ proximal exposures, a thorough documentation of the exposures over an extended timeline and results that bring about real change.

Dr. Shaw’s research needs to be comprehensive, considering the extreme variability in every aspect of the field. Individual behavior and genetic makeup, the multitude of exposures and the variance in their severity, duration, location and particular chemical involved, all need to be taken into account over varying periods of times until the effects show themselves.

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